The FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Sciences invites to

A 2-Day Conference about IoT-Security.

Listen. Learn. Act. NOW.

It's five to twelve!

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Day ① - Thu. 2 June

Where hackers, researchers, and industry meet!

ionicons-v5-g Presentations

Experts will present and discuss current work, research, and development regarding IoT-Security.

ionicons-v5-i Workshops

From Bluetooth Pentesting to Incident Response over Smart Meter Hacks - let experts guide you through hands-on lessons in IoT-Security matters.

ionicons-v5-h Get Together

There is a dedicated room for connecting research and industry.

Day ② - Fri. 3 June

Where researchers and industry meet society!

ionicons-v5-g Presentations

Everything you ever wanted to know about I(o)T-Security - with talks and open Q&A sessions experts will answer your questions.

ionicons-v5-i Workshops

From SmartHome Hacking to Password Security Workshops - get hands-on experience.

ionicons-v5-h Get Together

There is a dedicated room for connecting experts and society.

Event Highlights

The full detailed program will be published here on March 1, 2022.


Availability and Security: Choose any One

Peter Gutmann, University of Auckland

to be announced

Bruce Schneier, Harvard University

ionicons-v5-g Industrie Audit im IoT-Umfeld
Talk by Kapsch Cyber Defense
ionicons-v5-i Fallstudie Sicherheitsvorfall: Incident Response
Workshop by Kapsch Cyber Defense
ionicons-v5-g Herausforderungen der OT Security
Talk by Check Point Software Technologies Austria GmbH
ionicons-v5-i Live Hack Smartmeter: Verwundbarkeit von Smart Buildings
Workshop by Check Point Software Technologies Austria GmbH
ionicons-v5-g Professional Ransomware Meets Fragile IoT
Talk by IKARUS Security Software GmbH
ionicons-v5-g CoAP Proxies: Gateway Features without Gateway Requirements
Talk by Christian Amsuess
ionicons-v5-i Bluetooth Hacking
Workshop by Bernhard Nagl, Campus Cyber Security Team, FH Campus Wien
ionicons-v5-i Cold Boot Attack
Workshop by Pol Hölzmer, Competence Center for IT-Security, FH Campus Wien

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